How to resolve error code 1242 with expert help at Email Customer care Number?

Undoubtedly, Email is one of the most recognized email platforms that serve millions of people across the globe. Email has widely contributed to the society. It is basically designed considering its professional use. But it does not mean that it is worthless for personal use. The users can equally avail its features on the personal front as well. But as the users start using the email, they are likely to begin facing unknown errors that include error 1242.


Most of the new email users are blank when it comes to figuring out what is error 1242. There are many symptoms of error 1242. You need to aware of the symptoms to determine whether it is error 1242 or something else according to experts at Email Customer service helpline.

Here are the symptoms of error code 1242;

  • The users will start getting incoming error messages
  • Email service gets slowed down
  • The system gets frozen many times
  • The users are unable to install any application on their PC
  • The users might lose data in their system

These are some possible symptoms if the issue is error code 1242. You as email users need to learn why this error arises. There are many solid reasons why this error arises and bring you into trouble.

Below the major causes of error 1242;

  • The arrival of malware and viruses in your PC
  • Improper installation of software can also cause this error
  • Deletion of certain files and folders can result in error 1242
  • The window system file is corrupted

Being a professional, you must have to figure out the main cause of this error in order to get rid of it. If you are unable to do this task, then professional help also can be considered which you will get at mail support number.

The method to resolve error code 1242 is given below;

Solving error code 1242 is no longer a big deal. By simply following a step by step procedure you are supposed to resolve this error code.

  • Restart your PC
  • Click on Start and choose All Programs option
  • Tap the option System Store and select Restore My PC
  • Tap on the restore option
  • Tap the confirm button
  • Now restart the PC once again
  • Error is supposed to vanish

There are some possible ways you can easily end up fixing this error code and start using your email service once again without any further error. Even after doing everything the same error code occurs, Email Customer Service Number is right here for you, where you will enlighten the agents regarding the error so that he/she can resolve it instantly for you.